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Offbeat Jamendo Music album cover
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    • GuyMuzic avatar
      4 years ago

      Une musique qui vient de l'intérieur, et qui nous laisse contemplatifs devant ton talent d'arrangeur. Attention .......la fin.... ¤( ^ )¤ :-)

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      4 years ago

      Opusvertigo's Single, in my opinion, has a Retro Cinematic Soundtrack Feel. The Music is Electronic yet somehow "Aged" with an almost Egyptian( think Mummies and related Crypt environment ) Sound blending with Western Synth Choral. This Fusion gives the Composition its "Mysterious" Vibe. Voice Overs and DJ Snippets kick the Sound back to a Contemporary Electro House Essence. Overall, Unique and Powerful this a Techno Track for the Ages... :)

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar
      4 years ago

      http://wolfsongsmusic.blogspot.com/ "Enjoy the Flow of Music . . . " June 28, 2014

    • _MeL_ avatar
      4 years ago

      Whah....c'est explosant ...bon je reviendrai m'expliquer....j'AIME!