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    • tony1961chl avatar

      Staphila - Beautiful audio track, is a bit reminiscent of Greek and Baroque, thanks.

    • melun77 avatar

      Quelques morceaux bien sympathiques notamment Babylonis... Pas mal de façon globale

    • Jamalien avatar

      Under my perspective, "iPhado", is a very modern and expansive approach, to the use of the unique and rich sounds of the instrument. More even considering that it's an acoustic guitar, with an almost exclusive fingering type of utilization, it's also a proof of its adaptability and versatility, when combined with other instruments and sonorities, of a more technological penchant. A very appealing work, with an high level of quality, to say the least. Congratulations and thank you.

    • Jamalien avatar

      Being Portuguese, I can't help to feel a special appeal, every time I listen to the vivid sounds of the Portuguese guitar. Initially mostly used with "Fado", which for those less acquainted with the style, is a traditional song from my country, with a few variables, which often exhorts a sentiment that we assume as a characteristic of our identity while nation, and whose most representative word is "Saudade"... which means a strong nostalgic feeling, that we carry since the times of the discoveries, in the 15th and 16th centuries.... but, not only. Besides "Fado", with Amália Rodrigues and Mariza, as two of our best known divas worldwide, I advise a search for a guitarist named Carlos Paredes, to have a better comprehension, about the twelve steel string acoustic guitar instrument, which is not only very beautiful to the eye, as it also delivers a very singular and appealing sonority.