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      Thank You Intemporal Arte, Magic is inside all of us...

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      Thank You RangerSeriesBlack, I never had as extensive review than yours... I have no words to thanks you...

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      A.K.1974, presents the Listener with Splendid Ambiance from the first note of Track #1. 'Let The Wind Shake The Tree'. The Music has a Prominent Oriental Mood(Flute Melody) that is underpinned by Crisp Metallic Synth Strings. In plain English a very Beautiful Song. Vocals are also represented. Track #2. 'After The War', exudes more of a Pure Electronica Ambient Essence that is complimented by a Female Vocal that is more of "Haunting" Tonal Humming than a Lyric driven Aria. Point is the Sound is Divine. The Concluding Track, #3. 'Shukhriya(Thank You)', combines all the previous aspects, Tonal Vocals(Male & Female), Actual Vocals with Lyrics(East Indian or related dialect ), World Beat with a East Indian/Hindu Style and Instrumentation(Strings and Brass) and, of course, Synth Keyboard/ Electronica Backing. In my opinion, Spectacular is not too strong an adjective to describe this Album.

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      Thank you very much for your words. Phoenix They are words of encouragement greatly appreciated by AK1974

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      Again, a first track with a higher charge of immediacy, nevertheless, all them three, are absolutely excellent... thank you!