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Santa Farm Jamendo Music album cover

Santa Farm

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    • minette88 avatar
      3 years ago

      magic is waiting for you! Santa Claus arrives with his sleigh and fills us with gifts. Just like you with this music. Soft, very representative of that night so divine. Two pieces that bring us dream and take us in our childhood where everything was happiness and wonders. 2 symphonic tracks that awaken in us so many memories! Thank you to remind us of the magic of this important day for many of us.

    • Hiddeminside avatar
      3 years ago

      sonido epico de film de navidad recreacion sonora estupenda

    • Juncomp avatar
      3 years ago

      Está bien adelantar un regalo de Navidad, me gusta sobre todo el segundo tema, más humorístico, más en consonancia con el personaje de Santa.

    • GuyMuzic avatar
      3 years ago

      Un petit préliminaire pour la fin de l'année, et c'est avec ravissement que ces petites notes de musique sont venues taquiner mes oreilles. je préfère la première piste. A small preliminary for the end of this year, and it is with rapture that these small notes of music came to tease my ears. I prefer the first track.

    • Dom The Bear avatar
      3 years ago

      A Xmas gift? Well why not? Or should i say, why note?? Tinkling bells, snowy strings, 2 titles to be listened to with pleasure.... waiting for Xmas!!