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Magic is Life Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Sajad Vafa avatar
      3 years ago

      How can I suggest a better name for it? Wow. Just look at the rhythm. I am confused to put this piece of magic in which playlist??? Isn't this anything except magic??? Oh yea. Magic.

    • Digitalomagic avatar
      3 years ago

      Solo decir que este tema me ha encantado y estoy deseando escuchar mas de este proyecto.

    • Jamalien avatar
      3 years ago

      but just because there are things in it, that, and all considered, make us want to have that illusion. Things like music, that, and quite often, manage to bring some beauty to our effortful existence, and with it the imperative hope, like seemingly fragile flowers, that persist on growing, in a global disheartening, daily battlefield. Magic is life, you say?... Well, I'm ready to agree on that... even and if, only during the time, that this beautiful flower lasts... thanks!