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Devoured by the Comfort Zone

The Mind Orchestra
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    • 3 years ago

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    • 4 years ago

      The music grabbed me on first listen, Changes in mind was amazing- such a deep song with many resonances. I love the variety here, there is blues, jazz, folk, ethnic, dub, reggae sounds- fused with all kinds of instruments, it is almost orchestral in its scope. I recommend listening, even if its not your usual style or choice- there is something universal and direct about this music that endures. Beautiful stuff- think im defo buying a copy of this too. Also sounds great with headphones :)

    • 4 years ago

      I have been waiting for this album for some time, and it was worth the wait. 19 tracks of raw, sensual emotionally drenched music that spoke to my soul. If you like real music with interesting and diverse instruments that meld into one sonic landscape then you must listen to this. For me there isnt a dull piece of music on there. The vibes are filled with positivity which in these dark times is like sunshine to the mind. I recommend this album to anyone that likes acoustic, folk, and world music. This album will take you on an epic journey through their imagination their ''mind orchestra''. I will be buying this on vinyl as soon as its out ! Support and share- love what they are doing .