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    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar

      Avi Rosenfeld, is quite well known for his Classic Rock Albums and certainly this Album features the Genre but what sets this Collection apart is its content of Israeli Country & Western Songs. Track #3. 'Gotta Get Back Home', for example, has Absolutely Authentic C & W with the performance of Banjos and Steel Guitars Galore make this Song as "Country" as anything out of Nashville Tennessee, USA. On the subject of Classic Rock Track #9. 'When You're Going Down', flat out Steals the Show and is one of his Best Songs-Period! The Mood of the Songs definitely have the C & W penchant for Sadness or Introspection but do not make for depressing listening. Also be on the lookout for Hebrew Lyrics as well as Blues Rock Tinged songs such as Track #4. 'Mesuchrar Hayom'. In short prepare to have "Yew Haw" Good Time.

    • GuyMuzic avatar

      To listen to this album is a true treat, there is a musical quality of very first order. that changes commercial musics that one imposes to us on all the radio, really thanks for making us live these moments of quality.

    • Jamalien avatar

      That said, the approach to this album becomes a lot easier, I think. It's a rock album in its essence, but conjugated in a very harmonious and creative manner, with some of the styles that I mentioned above, and even others like jazz, for instance. Instrumentally practically perfect, and sonically very appetizing, this collaborative production counts with the orientation of a musician, with a capacity of creation, at all titles impressive and a set of musicians quite professional and competent, to say the least. From excellent touching ballads, to the most frenetic and hard kind of rock, Avi seems to wear them all like a glove. And not even by being from Israel... from where such productions were hardly expected... and occasionally singing in its native language, diminishes their valour and pertinence. Definitely, with you Avi, Rock world, is here to stay and last. Thanks...

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      Of course that all genres of music have their influences and conjugations, but rock has a special capacity of marrying together with practically all, without losing its composure. From the most popular roots like the ones of country, folk or blues, to the urban beats, pop, dancing tendencies and funky rhythms, or even the majestic posture of the classical music, rock... of course, there are always exceptions... has always managed to find a way of getting along, and even mix successfully with them all.