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    • gpouillot avatar
      7 years ago

      Très bel album. J'ai choisi la bande son de "Clouds" pour illustrer ma vidéo "le plaisir de voler seul !... sur (gpouillot on viméo) Clic sur (ouvrir le lien dans une nouvelle fenêtre) Merci à DEREK Very nice album. I chose the soundtrack of "Clouds" to illustrate my video "the pleasure of flying alone! ... on (gpouillot on Vimeo) Click (open link in new window) Thank you to Derek

    • philmar16 avatar
      7 years ago

      J'avoue que je ne pensais pas trouver ces albums de haut niveau sur Jamendo. Avec toute les soupes sur les radios, comment se fait-il que les 2 albums de DEREK restent inconnus Je suis sur d'un bel avenir pour ce travail, même s'il faut attendre. Ca fini toujours par faire surface. Un grand "Merci" pour ces deux albums !!!

    • Lobo Loco avatar
      8 years ago

      I think you have made a very important journey.The sounds out from this album are very important too. I like the changed mood of the journey throught the songs. Spheric guitars and keyboard, rhytm-machines, base guitar sounds very clear within finally a highend quality of recording. A this time I hear Ricochet with an wounderful Intro, and now a hammond set in ... go on yeah! Happy Greetings Lobo

    • Helmen avatar
      8 years ago

      Un bell'album con una ritmica incalzante ma comunque abbastanza vario da non risultare scontato. Ottimo il lavoro del chitarrista, buono anche il lavoro delle percussioni anche se sembrano elettroniche. Consigliato per ascoltare qualcosa dalla ritmica andante, una commistione di generi ben riuscita :)

    • Redout22 avatar
      8 years ago

      Although I may be no music expert, I've listened to a lot of it. And if nothing else, I know what I like. Many people would bemoan this music, no doubt, as being too predictable, too boring, too simple. But that's precisely why I like it. Almost all music has its place. On The Beach, simple and predictable as it is, has its own place. Although the music is of simple construction, it isn't bad. The very thing that makes this such an enjoyable album is that each song allows the listener to make a mental connection to some thought, fantasy, or dream. So often, musicians don't bother to write music that does this, but all of this "silly, simple music" does it. In fact, it does it quite well. I don't doubt that this would not be very interesting live. But that's not its place. It belongs in CDs and recordings, not concerts. Even in spite of this, the simple compositions in this album are a joy to listen to. Worthy of a listen.