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    • artist4483 avatar
      a year ago

      Mirva, you have a beautiful voice, I love the song Barriers and the song stay with me is heart meltingly stunning, Want to hear more of your songs in the future. xxx

    • mencey avatar
      3 years ago

      De lo mejor que he podido escuchar en bastante tiempo, me has emocionado con tus canciones, simplemente gracias.

    • piresbma avatar
      3 years ago

      Mirva congratulation for ur music it´s awesome and ur vocals are amazing ,just love it . Bruno Mozambique

    • Jamalien avatar
      3 years ago

      It's undeniably your voice, that makes a real difference, in terms of whatever comparisons anyone can, or, may wish to establish. Musically balanced, and, perhaps, as a whole, a bit more "thought out" than the highly acclaimed "One", this edition, seems to me, to be a natural reinforcement through a "disguised" continuity, and apparent discretion, which is nothing else than an intent of giving a secure step, in the stage of a growing up process. It may sound absurd of my part, but, I would dare to try to guess that, your next release, will reveal itself as a surprise, more than anything else... just a wild guess, or, perhaps more, a wishful thinking. In the meantime, I'll "Get Ready". Thanks...

    • m_masters avatar
      3 years ago

      A great collection of well written and beautifully sung works. The combination of main and backing vocals were superb and inspirational. The production on pieces were excellent though the use of Electro styled percussion in some areas I felt were were a distraction. The lyrical input was wonderfully executed and great to find published with the tracks. The sing-a-long factor cannot be understated. Excellent work on all levels with the main strength in the vocal contribution and well worth a download. I had quite a bit more to say about this, but the 1000 character limits on reviews prevents this.