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    • 3 years ago

      Nothing too complicated to understand regarding this Album. Eight Tracks of Coolly Melodic Ambient Electronica arrives just in time to help take the Sting out of the Summer Heat. The Music has a Smooth Thriller TV series Feel with Pulsing, Futuristic and somewhat Hypnotic Qualities( Track #2. 'Fragments 02' for example). The Melodies are quite outstanding and memorable( Track #3. 'Fragments 03' ). It is highly probably each Listener will resonate with a particular Song on a personal level. Audition and find your Personal Theme Song. ;)

    • 4 years ago

      old school indeed.. but that's not a bad thing at all, as instruments and orchestration are of a good taste and respectful to musicians as Jarre, Marouani brothers and others. Pleasant tracks, my best for the 6th one, perhaps some more progressions inside some of them would have been a nice idea.