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Three Irish Ballads by W. Allingham

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    • shlomif avatar

      I found these tracks tolerable, but not overly exciting. I was able to listen to them, but I didn't really love them.

    • Willy Mus avatar

      It was very powerful with most of different color, sometimes blue and green i find for the first. The voici is beautiful. All of this album is a concentrate of delcious tune, i like the synth who is using on track 2. Melody is very good too with good constructions in the whole. Thanks for sharing all of this. Are you already work with movies or tv ? i feel soundtrack when i listen your album. If you want you can discover and note my last album improvised Musically P.P

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar

      Based on the Artist's Liner Notes this Album is Inspired by the Poetry of W. Allingham. The Instrumentation is overwhelmingly Orchestral with Flashes of Traditional Celtic Influence( Virtual Bagpipes and Virtual Irish Fiddle(Violin) Reels ). Vocals have a Gentle and, in my opinion, Androgenous Quality. Even though the Manner of Vocalization is in the Form of Ballads some of the Music is rather Vibrant and Energetic( Track #1. 'Song'). Track #2. 'A Day-Dream's Reflection' deviates from the Symphonic Style somewhat is more of a Easy Listening Pop-Ambient Electronica Hybrid. Track #3. 'Autumnal Sonnet' is the most Cinema Symphonic Soundtrack-like. In short, the Songs are not purely, Symphonic, Celtic or Electronic but a well Blended Fusion of the Three.

    • eistesis avatar

      Three ballads, three different moods, three "capolavoro"! Bravo

    • yvalain-music avatar

      Trois oeuvres fort différentes, baroque, rock progressif et pop-rock planant, des vocaux fascinants et une beauté des orchestrations à couper le souffle. Un album fantastique. Merci c'est de la pure beauté