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Jubilee Jamendo Music album cover
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    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      3 years ago

      Seriously, I have never been one to say that One Artist or that artist's work is better than another and I AM NOT saying that now. What I am conveying is that the Legendary Electronica-Techno Group known as Tangerine Dream have long been the undisputed Master of Electronic Soundtracks for scores of TV and Motion Picture Films and this does not include their Non Cinema Albums; have match their Proverbial Match in JCRZ! Track #1. 'Love Control' is the ABSOLUTE Epitome of Hypnotic Trance and/or Electronica Soundtrack Score and it's ONLY Track Number One. EVERY SONG in the Album is equally Strong. This Chain does not have a Weak Link. Nothing more needs to be written; Go > Listen > Experience!!!

    • KYTIE avatar
      3 years ago

      Dans tes sons généreux. Un album plaisant à écouter. Une petite préférence pour " Forgive Me " fortement agréable. Merci pour la recommandation. KYTIE