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Phoebe (part 2) Jamendo Music album cover
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    • dapoo avatar
      2 years ago

      This just caps part 1!!! Love the direction you are going in with your music.....its so relaxing and enjoyable to listen to! Has a lot of Rick Wakeman's kind of sound, which I also enjoy. He was all over the map on his music and I only liked some parts of most of his albums. I like just about all your music from the first album to present! Thanks again for sharing your talents and music with the world! Rick

    • dantegambino avatar
      2 years ago

      Wow, what a great album!! I've been listening to your music since 2005 and I consider it to be very well structured and distinctive, specially the Berlin School stuff. "Phoebe" (2002) was one of my missing albums of your fantastic and prolific discography along with "Archeologia I" (1997), "Ancient Warriors" (2000), "The Presence" (2001), "Perigeum Live 2001" (2001), "Phoebe Live 2002" (2002), and "Vokalia" (2004). I would really hope to see them available here at Jamendo in a near future!!