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Your Dark Land Jamendo Music album cover
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    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      2 years ago

      Be forewarned; these Songs are NOT Techno Dance or Uplifting Trance. They are Dark Wave with the emphasis on DARK! The Sound is both Electronic and String-like with Strong( literal ) Bass Note Passages. The Mood is Sober with Forebording Overtones. This said there is actually something Peaceful in the Sound. Track #2. 'Free or Not' contains actual Lyrics. The Vocalization can be considered Spoken Word, Voice Over or Tonal Singing. Take Your Pick. Like very Strong Black Coffee these songs will not be for everyone but for those who like it; will be a Twosome well worth adding to the Personal Music Library.

    • Aufklarung avatar
      2 years ago

      Un suono che scende nelle pieghe più remote del nostro essere e dissotterra fantasmi. Sperimentale, sorprendente, bellissimo.