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You Are My Sad Love Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Tadek59 avatar
      7 years ago

      Nice music ! Great job !

    • P.E.I. avatar
      7 years ago

      Мне очень понравилось!!!

    • piano de la tour avatar
      7 years ago

      album davvero complesso, con molteplici soluzioni sonore...e bello.

    • Wogis avatar
      7 years ago

      wonderful !! »♫«_ »♫«_ »♫«_ »♫«_ ♫ MERCI ♥ …»♫«_ »♫«_ »♫«_ »♫« wish a Happy New Year

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      7 years ago

      'You Are My Sad Love', is a lengthy, New Age, Electronica-with Experimental Undertones, album. Basically each of the album's 9 tracks are extended play-Synthesizer Works( mainly strings and electronic sound effects) with Choral vocals(choir & single voice) periodically. The music is peaceful but not particularly dynamic. If you listen from Start to Finish-you may find the work monotonous as it all One style, virtually same tempo(speed) and only slight variations in each individual composition's Loudness-Quietness ratio. This is not a work you will, likely, want to listen to as a specific exercise. Do not misinterpret the above as meaning the album is not good or useful. In fact--the qualities that make it unsuitable aggressive listening make it perfect as atmosphere for those suffering with headaches, recovering from cold/flu, studying/reading particularly dull-tedious material and etc. This album will either make the task easier or in the case if illness provide a soothing and tranquil bubble to convalesce in. Additionally, if you break the album up and mix it will other noticeably more dynamic songs(power vocals-vigorous Soundtracks-the tranquil nature of the work will be greatly enhanced.