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Self-Portrait  (Autoritratto) Jamendo Music album cover

Self-Portrait (Autoritratto)

Saimon Fedeli
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      9 months ago

      A collection of songs were born spontaneously and kept for years in my drawer finally played and recorded with Love by musicians who adhere to the ethical values of Art and Music

    • noelsatiembre avatar
      a year ago

      very nice songs

    • Saimon Fedeli avatar

      Thank You!

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    a year ago

    I'm not a singer.. I'm not a guitarist.. I'm nothing and I will be nothing.. but i'll go to realizing my dreams and this is my first album: my self-portrait.

  • Saimon Fedeli avatar

    ok, i understand and so now i tried to translate the lyrics in english

  • Choirul Ef avatar

    This is good. Buat I don't understand the lyric.