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    • SOYLEYENDA avatar
      6 years ago

      Música electrónica de calidad que recrea paisajes inquietantes. Muy bien trabajada y producida.

    • estalagmita avatar
      6 years ago

      Muy buena calidad.. muy trabajado y logrado..!!! enhorabuena..!!! te felicito..!!!

    • Perduss avatar
      7 years ago

      Un monde de sens sans direction... Une musique plus que captivante... Une musique qui range les peurs... 123 123 1 2 3 j'ai rencontré le bruit… doux… doux… j'ai rencontré le bruit… et j'ai pris le temps d'attendre pour entendre… et peux à peux… bang et bang dans toutes les langue se met à chanter… comme les mots il y a des silence de battements conversation avec mon corps oui, mon corps me chante la vie 123 123 1 2 3 Perduss (Le Québécois)

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      7 years ago

      'Not Forever', is a 10 track, Instrumental, Experimental-Electronica album. I can not stress enough that these Songs are Pure Electronica but they are not the Typical Techno, Trance or even New Age Electronica-Ambient. This music "feels" Alien or perhaps like Music from a Insect Civilization of Ants or Bees if One can Imagine they create Music. The Actual Sound of some of the Tracks is Insect-like but more of a Bee-like Hum not Drone but at other times the Essence is a cross between Electronic and Electrical Hums, Crackles and Hisses. Ambient Sounds of Nature are also heard; Wind and Water for example. But this does not mean that Music in the Accepted sense is lacking. In fact some tracks are quite Melodic and Stunningly Lovely to hear. Track #2. 'The Leaves Are Green', Features Electronic-Electrical and Experiemental Tones before a Shockingly Melodic Futuristic yet Minimalist Synthesizer Melody is heard. Track #3, 'Out In the Void', Has Bright "Bauble-like Tones that Have a Metallic-Bell-like Voice similar to a Celeste but not quite as Metallic. Perhaps more of a Crystal as Water Filled Wine Glasses. Track #6. 'Poetry Blanked', is yet another Minimalist, Synthesizer Based, Chime Voiced work. Track #10. 'Ants and Bees', is Simply Melodic, Lyrical and Alien in its Otherworldly Beauty. This is an excellent Conversation Generating album and while it may not be "understood" by everyone-is nonetheless a Fine Collection of Ultra Modern Works.

    • chintsu avatar
      7 years ago

      Чудесный и невторимый стиль!