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Country Gold Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Sutter Kaine avatar
      6 years ago

      Bello Bello Bello....sonorita' del primo miglior Dylan...ma è morto?? Ho capito bene??

    • kameron663 avatar
      7 years ago

      This album has a really good old country feel to it. It's really nice to find music like this that speaks to people. His voice reminds me of Steve Earl's; it has a nice twang to it.

    • Ashley18 avatar
      8 years ago

      I really enjoyed listen to this album, because it is more traditional country than I originally thought it was going to be.

    • rwinner avatar
      8 years ago

      I dunno, he wasn't a great singer by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoy his guitar playing and lyrics. These days, you have to be grateful for any music that connects directly to you, the listener, without layers of electronics or deliberate vagueness. This music certainly does that, and I enjoyed the listen.

    • Jordy18 avatar
      8 years ago

      ja ganz gut.