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Elixir Jamendo Music album cover
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    • DrSlump avatar
      10 years ago

      Nice sound, nice rithm and musical immagination. Varied music styles and excellent music execution. My advice to all people is: try it! Good job ;)

    • Rae avatar
      11 years ago

      I like fresh sounds. I like it if a music is not about love or self-referring (an example for this is rapper rapping about rap). Also, I like general weirdness. This album has a nice variety of sounds and it does not take itself all that serious. It presents different styles with a wink and a smile. It is not talking about music and it is funky with catchy tunes. My favorite tracks are Innishmoore and Mary-Mack (You gotta love the lyrics: Mary-Mack's mother making Mary Mack marry me, my mother's making me marry Mary-Mack).

    • ademka avatar
      11 years ago

      You put all my favourite genres in four albums! I love all of the tracks. Well done! I like bass parts the most.

    • takenoko avatar
      11 years ago

      This work by the TenGooz displays a high standard of intelligent lyrics and music that kees you moving. As their homepage said,no matter what the subjet of their song, they are grounded in groove. The Chills is a song about loss with eerily groovy trombone and guitar. Innishmoore is a celtic romp with a funny travel story. Mari mack funky rapping with more funny lyrics. It goes on and on... Some of the best new songs Ive heard from any band in a long time!

    • teshirogi avatar
      11 years ago

      This is very cool! I like the witty lyrics! Danceable,too!