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ambient track - havephonwithacid

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      I like this song. There were times where I felt like it might be about to go somewhere new, but it never did. That would be my only "complaint" really. I can hear a lot being added on top of this in my head. It has good bones. Maybe I'll try someday.

    • officernarc avatar

      this is actually not too bad. i was kind of annoyed by it at first as it seemed a little repetitive, but the more i listened, the more it dug into my brain with flaming claws. i agree that it's kind of deceptive how you have it tagged, but i guess that when i think of ambient, i think of something else, but that's totally irrelevant, i guess. anyway, it's got a pretty nice vibe. good job.

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      Very good downtempo track. It's not ambient, because ambient should be devoid of rhythm... At least that's what Wikipedia says. :-> Anyway, I liked it, although it's not perfect for me. The main melody played on xylophone-like instrument is too simple and cute and contrasts with the accompaniment. I'd prefer if it were darker. Next, the accompaniment is too... how to say it... "polite". It just flows quietly in the background, while I feel it should break to the front and "attack" the melody from time to time. It would add a dramatic effect to otherwise too smooth tune. And the main complaint (but connected with the above) is that it's too repetitive. This tune begs for any change in dynamics, melody, rhythm, anything! :-) . . . Oh, you can breath now. ;-P

    • ljmudit avatar

      Ein weiteres Album von ambient Phon? Ist er langsam verrückt? Ja! Dies ist phonic Revolution. Der Künstler ist schnell verändernden seiner musikalischen Geschmack und dass auch positiv! Great work, Phon! Ich schätze es! Die Musik ist schön, schnell, knackig ..... Überprüfung, dass der Rest der TRIPLEXITY!

    • Triplexity avatar

      The sounds of this track always remind me "Music for Jilted Generation" album, though it has nothing to do with Prodigy's style. Very unique piece with mellow yet alerting atmosphere.