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Piece of Music (single)

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    • Kapcha avatar
      @ wrote

      Real protest music with a good message! Everybody must hear it ) 10/10 IMHO.

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      What are the two foundations for democratic society involved? I think the track is absolutely brilliant. Doc you are a genius, and I can't stop playing the track at the moment. I need to get out and blog more...!-)

    • wally... avatar

      rien d'autre a rajouter!

    • gael22 avatar
      @ wrote

      I was like listening to your "Cosmic Lullabies" all afternoon, working smoothly from home (How good is that a compagny that let you work from home anytime you want). And i just fell on this, great great job, the guitar tone, the Fx, the "organ pad" ... Your sound is .... just great, any insight of your studio somewhere ?? Anyway great music

    • marac avatar
      @ wrote

      Funny musical comment on ongoing copyright war. Not a track for repeated listening, though. Unless your neighbour is the president of RIAA. In such case put your speakers to the wall, turn the volume up and go walking the dog... ;->