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Samples Of Myself

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    • undertheker avatar

      mal wieder ein super album von JCRZ. mehr davon!!!!

    • varkounette avatar

      N'ayant pas reçue d'invitation j'ai découvert cet album par hasard et j'aime.Partagé et téléchargé.

    • orangeupurple avatar

      Really loved this album. One of my favorites is 4D Surface with its progression of instrumentals being added on in layers until it explodes and continues-like someone waking in a beautiful place and flying through until all quiets down again at sunset. I did like Island Revisited which was very fast dance with ambient sounds; repetitive but nice especially when it hits water sounds - calming aspects but with hot drums, hot beat. Cape Town was cool and airy with layers of sound added upon layer with an emphatic beat, very electric. The Trip was party music, dance, ok for what it is. I loved Darkline which started with a big drumbeat and idiophonic sounds (bells perhaps). Nice beat, choral sounds enter in one of the layers, very busy sound but excellently put together. This one is a winner. All the songs on this album enjoy great layering of instruments, excellent beats, some vocals, super percussion and lots of ambients which were all woven together to make several great tunes. Lots of good dance/party music on this album. The last song was another favorite. It had a dark, angry relentless beat to start, hypnotic before the other layers were added in. Different sounds which were almost dichotomous in nature but worked well. It seemed almost futuristic with its great electronic sounds and seemed to end suddenly. All in all an excellent album and well worth a listen.

    • SATURAT avatar

      una buena combinacion de sonidos y generos

    • bretagne35 avatar

      Je ne me lasse pas d'écouter ce nouvel album. Il y a un subtil mélange de sonorités électroniques qui me font penser aux PET SHOP BOYS - ELECTRONIC - KRAFTWERK. J'avais découvert ses 3 autres albums sur le site et celui-ci en est la continuité. J'espère qu'un jour JCRZ se produira car sa musique est faite pour un concert.