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Many Sounds on Many Grounds

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    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      Ground I starts very strongly and even though receding somewhat manages to retain the confidence with which it sets out and take good form in sound and structure. Ground II is a monster of a track, brooding malevolently through my speakers, I love it as it spreads itself out, assimilating all that is good and bad, into a mellow blanket of sound and rhythm. Ground III sucks you in with a pleasant synthetic lure and rolls you around like a mere mortal to a god. Ground IV is a deeply resonant piece of music that draws you in like a fly in a web of gentle sound vibrations. You know you are trapped, but it feels so good!-) It begins with a lovely reverberating tone, layers of sound are added in their own right almost in places, though you know it will fit perfectly soon with some other aspect of the carefully crafted soundscape, and it does when it steps in with the pace. Then only to end its space, and pace, with peace. Ground V seems stern at first, the reverberating pitch seems almost intrusive, but it grounds itself well and eases off the reigns. A peaceful horse is a manageable beast of burden. I loved the synthetic clattering of digital hooves. Ground VI, is a serene piece, with subtle movements for the most part, though there are some nice, more apparent flourishes. It seems to yearn for some Tibetan height, physically or consciously, spiritually. Ground VII has a nice, gentle melody to begin with and easy movement and formation. Then it peaks, flutters its wings tunefully, and settles down again with some gorgeous soundsculpting. Ground VIII feels more firmly structured, purposeful. Like a grand service in a cathedral, resonating with spirituality. Ground IX has a wonderful sound to it, nice and strong. A well-balanced and directed track. Ground X beats it firmly and resolutely into your ears, and then soothes those aural channels in a stream of sonic consciousness. Very active towards the end, with a much more obvious sense of rhythm. Ground XI is smoother, with deep undertones and a lower melody to catch. Percussion comes forth and marks out the lines and angles more definitively. Overall, a very tasty album full of beautiful sounds and nice expressionism. Thanks!-)

    • Drunkears avatar
      9 years ago

      Ecco il suono che mi piace sentire il "Nada Terma: discovering spiritual treasures through the world of sound""

    • KraftiM avatar
      10 years ago

      Again a very nice album from one of the greatest ambient musicians here on Jamendo. More light ambient tracks in the beginning, more working with subtle rhythms, all greatly mastered and produced.Ground III is more darkish, great experimentation on IV, getting deeper and deeper in V. Superb great sound, layered, lifting you towards different destinations. Heavenly and heavily recommended. Again a masterpiece, to be enjoyed in full awareness..