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The Rhythm Creator EP + Bonus Tracks Jamendo Music album cover

The Rhythm Creator EP + Bonus Tracks

Edward Cufaude
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    • 5 years ago

      I hear some parts from the Prodigy tracks! For example, Beatbox - Charly, Venom - Smack My Bitch Up.

    • 8 years ago

      I was just randomly listening to some music and Chase Me came up. I thought "hey, what a nice track, must be Chemical Brothers or something", checked the filename and what the hell, it is from Jamendo. Excellent music, thank you so much for this!

    • 10 years ago

      a part 2 morceaux pas assez entrainant a mon gout ce mec dechire!!!! sinon venom overdrive beatbox sont a ecouter imperativement!!! le dernier est beaucoup plus progressif et tres interresant a telecharger por les accros du genre

    • 10 years ago

      Fantastic album, I love the way it sounds.I especially love the first track. Wondeful piece of music!

    • 11 years ago

      Very well-made energetic chemical breaks. The best album for this style that can be found on Jamendo. What's the deal with the sow bug?