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Tanks in Goa Jamendo Music album cover
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    • elektron111 avatar

      un mini album regroupant leurs 2 musiques les plus violentes =D j'adore! Ich liebe das =D

    • steve_sandy avatar

      Here is a small album that includes two former pieces of Binary Mind. They are between 3 and 4 years. These two pieces are a very distant time and sound will certainly feel a lot compared to Mercury. However, it has two pieces of our most violent and we said that some might enjoy, especially those here like electronica hardcore or noise. It is neither one nor the other is rather on the industry (in any such case was particularly the influences of our time on the electro bourrinne). Tanks in Goa This is the umpteenth version of this song, the first was lost in the limbo of soirees visited trance mode misanthrope. This is probably what we have done more violent. This will be considered by inécoutable not bad, but if it could appeal to two three here we would be happy! This version of date as there are two or three years. You will recognize the original sample used for Back in Business (CDI). This piece is inspired by the trance psyche, sisi. It is dedication to Lonah, want to do shit. Sloganphorisme This is the latest version of another song much older. In a box with the famous Parisian Lionel Delourme at a soiree psytrance, this one starts to get excited at the sight of the population has branchouille sunglasses. The text is from him and this version is an attempt to put into music. In this version the text is acephalous is longer and has the origin. As is, this piece must have two years, be consulted to determine precisely. It is dedication to Lionel, of course. --- Nice music, mastering device seems to have suffered from noise

    • dafb3ta avatar

      It's a real shame these two tracks are recorded as badly as they are. Both tunes seem to be pretty well composed, but it's just too tinny and compressed to hear what's going. The first track, Tanks in Goa, would be a definite dancefloor hit it it were mastered better.

    • mennong avatar

      Sloganphorisme - total geil

    • Tenaka44 avatar

      Merci pour Sloganphorisme, quand j'ai lu quelles étaient les circonstances de création de cette musique j'ai tout de suite adhéré, je prend mon pied sur cette musique (ainsi que sur Metacoders !) Et puis pour dire que tout Binary Mind me plait, tu fais parti du haut de ma playlist a coté d'artistes tels que front line assembly ^^