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      Bells of Notre Dame has a nice, if slightly obfuscated melodiousness to it. It feels good but also that it could be cleaner. Which it is in other places, so the capability is present along with the talent to produce coherent tracks. Maybe softspace could discuss the technical viability of what you are doing? I just listen. The title track, Harmonic Ascension, I expect a lot of, partly because it's the header but also the title itself. It sounds like all the music is up in the air, giving it the 'lightness' in order to ascend. The problem I have with 'world' music is that I don't like this world very much, partly because I'm suffering but I'm not being megalomanic when there are millions of people suffering a lot more than me. That's a lot of bad shit to clear up with a light, electronic track that purports (though I cannot tell, because I don't make music) to be a harmonic ascension. It was OK. What more can I say? Island Dreams falls into that easy category again that seems to be the essence of SoLaRis, which is all right for some that appreciate it more than I. To be honest, it does not even warrant being meditative, with or without monk-sounds, that's about transcendentalism and this music has its feet firmly on the ground, looking for direction perhaps or, like some others, confirmed in their predestination to be musical masters. Mysterious Night In... too much hashish perhaps in that mud hut in Morocco, where the smoke is pure and hits you harder than it does by the time it gets to England. All in all, it's OK but just because I'm not raving about it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate it, or that anybody else could bother writing something more useful than the stuff I come out with.