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God moves in a psychedelic way

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    • Sven Konrad avatar
      a year ago

      its unbelievable how good it works if you hear it while smoking DMT/Changa. this is my soundtrack for nearly every single breakthrough and every time It is a revelation. i'm pretty sure that god moves in a psychedelic way...thank you so much

    • Mischa avatar

      that's a big compliment, i'm honoured! Back in the days when creating this album i was heavily inspired by the psychedelic experiences of mushrooms and lsd. i'm not a religious person but i think "God' can somehow be found in mystical experiences.

  • hemisync avatar
    8 years ago

    absolutely marveillous - trip to the other side

  • cvijaxo avatar
    9 years ago

    I never expected that something with bird - sounds can sound good LOL. I am ambient sucker. So this thing is ambient of kind I like. It's not just background decoration. It develops and hold attention. Sometimes it's on the verge to commercial. At least to my ears (Listen to KraftiM to avoid this he, he hee..). But it's maybe because of that knife sharp - clear production which is at least to my ears absolutely pro (can you teach me that - mine sucks ) In short. Well worth listening. Even burning on CD or taking on walkman out to the street and fix little of that grey reality out there. Thank for those encouraging sounds!

  • kadzbiz avatar
    9 years ago

    I can't really add more than what's already been said, except to say that I really enjoyed this album. It has a presence about it that connected me somehow between the states of being awake and asleep, like you're in a dream. Nice work.

  • Ivan1984 avatar
    9 years ago

    A stunningly beautiful track to begin with, with all the inherent beauty and hope of a sunrise and all that that metaphorically entails. A blue mood captures a moment in my morning of life but that's a story for another day perhaps. Anouta brings back the seagulls to haunt me, yet another story for another day. Just let it flow, drop by drop, it passes by and I sit here and even have the audacity to wonder why. I wonder is it the tails wagging on the dog, or the dog wagging on the tails. Still the gorgeous sounds keep rolling by my ears. Fragmentation but a moment that means everything, but you live first and then die, to dissipate into the great unknown and maybe become part of something you have only ever dreamt of and never fully understood. I can remember sitting in a club, getting wasted and a giant of a man grinning at me who told me that everything was in the dub. How right he was... World consciousness seems to bring things back down to earth, and if you want you can become part of a massive guilt trip as to whether you have done enough. Did you know that if a rat in one part of the world learns to make its way through a maze, another rat in a different part of the world, finds the way quicker? Formative causation and the presence of the past. And it seems Western philosophy is just Eastern, but with words in it. Nietzsche was no nazi, but then his sister was no buddhist. The magical music construction continues, after being opened to the knowledge that speech impediments are on the increase in children. Is it that there is too much going in one ear and out the other? My pre-technology days were involved a lot with the glittering of nature. Nature was my friend and place of safe reflection on a life before its time. Although such sensitivities left me open to a crowded head anyway. Nature created me, nurture made me pathological. A wonderful track, very well made indeed. Space, a wonderfully diverse contextual concept and word. I could digress, as indeed I sometimes do. Space engenders freedom in a very fundamental and as general a way as I can perceive it. It is not a place, for space is space. I recall explaining to a head lecturer in Internet studies what a virtual space was. They asked me to stay on as a lecturer but I went into the business cycle instead. Another place, a different space. I actually spaced out for a minute or two there. Outstanding work!-) The Pianodelic Piano, reminds me of someone who asked me to write a critique and then critised me for being critical. It sometimes goes beyond stating the obvious to make the point, when the obvious speaks for itself. Pianos hold a particular fascination for me, from an early age, thanks to Chopin. The sun sets, but it's not the end. There is more. I do not do drugs and I find that singles me out as an actual target sometimes, though I suspect it's more to do with conformity and safety in numbers. I find I am not a member of a flock, though I believe in a fundamental essence enough for a Baptist to walk away from me. Isn't worshipping Jesus First a commendation of a false idol, the way that drugs avoid the point of the drive to take them. Hence their endless addiction. Desire desires desire. Which leaves us with the wonderful Alice in her Wonderworld, or has this all been a crazy Psychodelic dream? Personally, and this is just my view, I think this is a fantastic album of musical creativity, and a strange outpouring of my subjectivity. In my defence I am an existential epistemologist, but I do not understand why so little in the way of 'reviews'. Why do I feel motivated to attempt to say anything? On the surface, it's my contribution, whether it be well received or not depends. Hopefully, it will all work out well in the end... some pills don't do anything at all.