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Psychopathethic Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Pitrouille avatar
      7 years ago

      "Power of the Herb" est juste magique, simple mais diablement efficace!

    • colemar avatar
      7 years ago

      |psychopathethic| Resembles the tipical background music of a videogame. When I hear this track I can almost see Doom hallways and rooms stretching ahead. It conveys feelings of unavoidable destiny. |today| The guitar refrain recalls great outdoors. Also, some mysterious cataclysm just happened in the world. |november MMIII| Hmmm... Coldplay? Warm sensations wrap around my body. |powers of the herb| Lucy in the sky with diamonds. |little ball| Dissonant chords do not bode well. Perhaps this is the less pleasant track of the album. -------- I believe your music would work wonderfully as a movie soundtrack.

    • yris avatar
      8 years ago

      cet album m'a convaincu, psycopathethique est un très bon hit qui nous fait voyager je trouve. Néanmoin, je préfère "peak".

    • rasselbock avatar
      8 years ago

      Dieses Album scheint ein früheres zu sein. Man merkt sie sind gereift. Trotzdem gut.

    • Ginnz avatar
      8 years ago

      Grace Valhalla every time i listen to your Art, it make's me wonder?what type of person you are, How do you spend your time, What make's you laugh & Cry? You Elegant woman. To create this kind of art is Truly Remarkable, It complement each other like colors, Music that has flavor,edge,elegance Truly exceptional. You take my Breath away...