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Крадущийся \ Prowler Jamendo Music album cover

Крадущийся \ Prowler

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    • Antho56 avatar

      C'est un bien bel univers ou l'on se laisse guider avec plaisir,avant d'avoir écouté,j'étais déjà conquis par la pochette,bravo.

    • dhsu avatar
      @ wrote

      This reminded me of the soundtrack to the recent Zatoichi movie, where the actors' movements matched the music perfectly. The album grew on me the more I listened to it, the same way the Zatoichi soundtrack did. Great job!

    • tomlameche avatar

      Une douce rêverie, voilà à quoi me fait penser cet album... de très belles sonorités, très bien agencés, c'est doux, ça fait planer, plein de couleurs, d'images... Joli !

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Спящий и Крадущийся is a nice mix of sounds, full of good vibrations, sly dreams. Following the Chinese Road is a pleasant little journey. That we Fly Together suggests flocking, and I am a bit of a lone wolf. An optimistic track, soaring quite high. Witch Fly, again quite bright, but then witches are supposed to be close to nature, if they are true Wiccan. Крадущийся is quite a stealthy number. Mouse Dirigible conjures up jolly images of little rodents floating around, quite cute. The following track, sounds quite solemn to start with, like there is a little tale around this one too, The Girl On The Fish. Then Dark Cosmos comes into view, nicely atmospheric. A very good track, liked this one a lot. Cool cover as well. Thanks for sharing this beautiful album.

    • nasa2008 avatar

      прекрасная музыка! этот альбом мне очень запомнился :)