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      mixture of Classical, House, Acid, Jazz and ... Orbital ... Love it. Were you influenced by Wassily Kandinsky? If it was your pictural inspiration for your music, I can tell you that you succeeded. I'm currently listening the album during that review. Here a Tweet to explain my feeling: Example: Track 07 (Pan) - strange mixture of warm and cold sounds. + mixture of strange sounds and shapes like in the Album "Insides" from orbital. I would say this track is a mixture a cubism and expressionism. I know my review is little bit messy. I think I will listen many times carrefully all the album to better understand it. Then I will update my review progressively. Thank you very much Muhn TS

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      Thanks for making this BY-SA license! Some really great sounds - you should get your friends to put their music on Jamendo too. I enjoyed listening to this, and great to see artists in Japan making good use of this site! Peace