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Engulfed EP

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      I've been listening to Sonorant for a while now. Probably about 2 years now, but I never did put up a review of their music... until now. Obviously this is a instrumental Metal EP, but that's not it. It really does mix so many genres into it's sound. You have the Metal leads and chuck, the hardcore/ metalcore technical breakdowns and bridges, and the step variations of progressive rock... done with only one person (I think). I believe this album sounds a lot like something if August Burns Red met Between the Buried and Me to make their own version of an 90esque metal band tribute, but that's just me. All and all, from the sharp leads of Thumbing through Blank Pages to the thundering chords of Instar, and drum parts in every song that fit in ever so perfectly with the feel of the song, This EP... No, this artist/band, is something that should not be missed. Forget not having a singer. It works out all in it's own. The guitars sing for you instead.

    • arnauddelereux avatar

      I'm really very fond of that kind of music. This is really "Guitar Oriented". There are a lot of heavy riffs. Great guitarist! Great music! I'm waiting for the next one!

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      Monotone, uniforme....ôôô Waterloo, morne plaine!

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      Ca ne respire pas l'originalité, mais néanmoins j'accroche pour cet album. Moi je trouve que le son est bon pour un album de métal. Par contre, sans les paroles on a du mal à tenir la longueur car on a l'impression d'écouter qu'une suite d'intros. S'il y a des paroles du même niveau de la guitare on devrait arriver à 8 (note exceptionnelle pour moi !).

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      отличная музыка!!!