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Lost Known Good Configuration

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    • unfa avatar
      7 years ago

      I took a long bicycle trip today, and I was listening to this track in loop for half of the day, and I didn't get bored. This means a lot. This album is a piece of outstanding work. It has a lot of different moods, has great, catchy melodies (some of them are really beautiful) punchy beats and bases,(even one track that sounds like trance) it also has singing which is very well performed and well-recorded. I don't understand the lyrics but I like that track anyway. Well mixed, well produced, not boring, has a lot of diversity among the tracks, each of it has it's own place and there is not much fighting between them to take the same place. I'd recommend this to everyone who likes good computer-generated music. Keep it up! We want more! ;)

    • RadioErewan avatar
      7 years ago

      All I can say - great pixel music.

    • muedi avatar
      8 years ago

      Läuft auf meinem Player ständig - muss also gut sein. Danke paniq! :)

    • Dick Splash avatar
      8 years ago

      This is my joint favourite Paniq release along with Unsecurious. I love the techno/electro beats and the underlying cheeky sounding keyboards with a distinctly German sound to it, i dunno like Baroque meets Sonic the Hedgehog or something, i can't quite decide but it works for me.. As for the Eye of Providence this is not an occult symbol, it has many uses. Originally ancient Egyptian (the eye of Horus), then Medieval Christian (the 3 sides of the pyramid represent the Holy Trinity) it is also a Budist symbol. The occult(freemason) version doesn't have a pyramid and is confused with the Great Seal of the US by conspiracy nut jobs, even though the occult version post dates the Great Seal.

    • DeathBoy avatar
      8 years ago

      The pyramid / eye is a symbol that I will always support.