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    • 10 years ago

      I am a particular fan of instrumental music at the moment, lyrics have their place, but at the moment I personally prefer instrumental, electronic or some fusion thereof. So, this album in that respect is what I want. I prefer a bit more experimentation, minimalism, and sometimes, darkness too. It's my perpetual mood swings!-) But more than anything I want to hear the soul of the artiste(s) expressing themselves, and I believe, amongst other mad fancies, that this element can be discerned on any level of consciousness. What we have here, and it's a professed 'development', are seeds sprouting within the ecological atmosphere of Jamendo. I liked the album, but what I feel it lacks is a bit of boldness, a bit more bite (or just more bits, if you want to be technical). I personally think minimalism is strong as an influence at the moment and there is a sense of that to this array of musical expressions. It generally, feels a little bit blurred if that makes any sense? Experimentation and simplicity can engender more powerful results and in places this album shines, just has a few clouds here and there. Keep up the good work!-)

    • 11 years ago

      super rien a dire

    • 12 years ago

      Subatomicglue does it again! Each album has a different theme and that is what makes their music work. No repeats. Everything is fresh and new. New inspiration and new appeal. And baby it works. :D

    • 12 years ago

      Every song on here is good. The only thing that keeps me from rating it 10 is I expect in that case every song to be just unbelievably awsome, while some of the songs on here are merely very good. Acctually I want to rate it sort of 9.5 Compared to alot of other Electronica, subatomic has a somewhat harsher sound, less soft, more edgy. My favorite track(s) are rust and dance of the butterfly.

    • 12 years ago

      Si se usarán un poco menos de efectos sonaría mejor, ya que a veces suenan por encima de toda la música.