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    • Ivan1984 avatar
      9 years ago

      The.Fall.of.Sol starts with some nice synth and continues with some even nicer synth and a beat and rhythm section. Variations start to come into play, with overtones. Nicely balanced as it growls and grows on you. Enigma: :Warrior is straight into a taster of the track to come, then pulls you back like an elastic band and ping you right back in. Light and airy as it develops. Ice.Overflow presents us with a more serious attitude from the start, like when the sea freezeth over. I like the structure and tone of this more. Nice track!-) I think it appeals, because it is like electropunk. Lagoon sounds like it's going to be an ambient track, it has that feel. Then after the voice samples have had their say, rhythm and beat step in and fill the track. It fades and returns in sections, sometimes introducing a new layer, a variation. Some nice percussive filler. Each time it drops back to a minimalist structure it re-introduces its new self, it's progression. Like a snake shedding its skin. A very well controlled piece of work, confident. Zombieprincess has a lovely ambience and balance throughout, it's quite a straightforward track. Spin (EurotranceMix) starts as it often seemed to years ago, and is at first a throwback, but I think that was just the crackle and the reminiscence of twelve inch vinyls. Quite a low key track in its presence, easy-going. Even when it picks up it still manages to have a mild ambience. Quite trippy and hypnotic in places. Nice layer of percussion and extra synth from six minutes was a nice little wake up in a way, after I'd zoned out!-) Haunted Forest sets the scene perfectly from the start and captures the essence of a brief insight into the darkness of nature. Nice little piece. A Jetpack In Hand has a lovely rasping synth sound and an interesting rhythm to it, I liked the percussive twirls and rolls, nice additions. Then the synth has a solo, I like that noise and it's back to the track, which fills with synthetic variation. It drops back to bass and then kicks back in with a bang. Another nicely balanced and varied mix. Mansion Drums begins with an eerie synth, and not unsurprisingly, drums. Quite a dark peek again. Granite Facade is lovely from the start, the volume has gone up! Love the synth work and whole rhythm of the track, it has appeal for me. The pitch seems a bit more serious here as well but over a longer track. Cthuluinu (episode 1) is synthrock to start, quite light at the beginning for such an assertion as it seems. Then the rock stops and we are treated to a synthetic structure, then the synthrock re-asserts itself. Again, it drops off into a nice solo and change to the rhythm, it's way of linkage perhaps, happening near the end of the track. Cthuluinu (episode 2) is light continuation. A mellower version of the former, with a predominance of piano. Nothing like I was expecting and both tracks had some nice moments, for sure. Art Progressive begins in an ambient way and sails through the aetheric planes, you might have heard the angels singing but the track is only a minute long. Pixelguru starts like an old style and goes into quite a big beat structure, which the synth copes well with and the odd variation goes down well. Electrovibe (Xenon Plasma Mix) starts with a good vibe, I love the track as it settles into its groove, synth billowing overhead as you are propelled at an easy pace through this soundscape. Some of the instrumentation is pure mint and the track has a very accessible structure. Globalenemy introduces the darker ambient side, this sound is subterranean and spacious with odd angles. Then a track begins to hatch with bass and percussion, the whole echoes in some vast chamber filling it with wonderful noise. Then the whole ritual is in full swing and the intensity is sublime. The title track was picked well. Nice one!-) Atlantis.In.November lightens the mood straight away. A well balanced structure is filled and variegated sufficiently well. Must get to Atlantis one November perhaps? I think the last track is a hard act to follow to be fair. A very nice ending. Then, lastly, Imagine No Shadows drops us down lower again with an interesting start. Again, the improvisation in the track is fascinating to listen to, as is the ability to switch from one ambience to another seamlessly. Overall, a very decent album indeed and if I have to select a favourite, it's the title track.

    • sayers avatar
      10 years ago

      This is some great stuff you have here. I really like listening to trance before I sleep and this is the stuff you do that to. It's not something you have friends jam out to, however like an earlier post said, this is something you explore different 'lights'. One odd negative is, the length of the album. It might be a little to long for its own good. Also I due to the layout, I found few shockers that really were memorable. Overall it was a pretty good album, however it's a bit sad feeling and nothing very exciting happens throughout.

    • Jastiv avatar
      11 years ago

      After hearing Aeon Blue, I listened to this one. While I liked Aeon Blue Slightly more because it has more memorable songs on it, this one is great. Zombie Princess is probably the most memorable song on here.

    • Xzallion avatar
      11 years ago

      This album is great. Every track seems to explore something dark or light, and more often then not, both. Lagoon is my favorite, it starts off dark with quotes like "Not one came back to life" and "He'll chop your heads off", and sounds like music about a horror movie, then goes lighter in the middle when it says "can't stand these slimy green creatures." The music just inspires imagination, and you never really know what the intended mental image is. The Cthuluinu episode 2 caught my eye cause I was reading through call of cthulu at the time, and is mesmerizing. It constantly switches between drum beats and airy piano music, and draws you in. Its short, sweet, and relaxing. And my other favorite, ice.overflow is almost a rock song, that sounds close to a video game boss's music. I tend to think of it as such, and it makes me feel pumped and excited, like somethings going to happen. Then when you think you can relax it suddenly proclaims "You try to stay alive" and gets heavy right after it had just started winding down. If you enjoy techno with a flare for the enexpected, this is the album to choose.