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    • soakedlontra avatar

      J'aime particulièrement A La Machette et Transe. Grande musique! Bravo! Merci pour les rendre disponibles sur jamendo. Je les ai utilisés pour deux de mes vidéos sur Puerto Rico. Vous pouvez les regarder ici: ou ici: (faites défiler jusqu'à Scuba Culebra Part One e Up and Down Culebra Beaches Part One) amicalement ciao Elisabetta

    • Dancetaria06 avatar

      Surprenant les différents effets que ta musique procurent à mes oreilles, un grand Bravo. Domy

    • Cire de Sacub avatar

      Excellente recherche musicale sur un thème passionnant : le retour de la musique dans son antre originelle qu'est la transe extatique et le pouvoir des esprits. Un peu trop électro à mon humble avis, ça aurait mérité, pour être totalement abouti, un poil de plus de son acoustique !

    • orangeupurple avatar

      I saw this one kicking around on the reviews pages as brendaclews had just reviewed it and I thought I would give it a try as I love Chriss Onac and I adore tribal drums and African music. I thought "AIE AIE AIE AIE AIE AIE" was exceptionally appealing and catchy with the smooth and beautiful vocals thrumming in my ears and matching my heartbeat and the drums . . . wow . .. just didn't stop and caught up my earthy spirits into the power of the music. "A La Machette" hmmm . . .. a smooth, exotic, piece, projecting the listener into a mesmerized state of peace. Ah . . . this one is worthy of many looping listens . .. bring on the comfort music …. I need it. "Transe" had a stunning introduction with pure percussive appeal and continued adding more percussion as the song progressed. This one is a short but very outstanding piece. The last tune had a strong electronic sound with the percussive theme continuing throughout as it did through the album. I liked this catchy beat and found it very danceable, upbeat and fun. Over all - this album is a superb listen and I am so glad to have got the chance to listen to its positive, delightful songs.

    • brendaclews avatar

      This is a great tribal album, primal beat, get you up and moving to the music, the kind of music that calls from a long way off, in the jungles, in the wild, calling you to remember yourself, your passion for life, for loving each other, the earth. Honouring the earth's energy and great beauty. Honouring Mother Earth in these primal beats. (After listening to TRANSE over and over, for how long now? a long time, a fabulous if short track of solo drumming, I finally paired a poem with it, and hope you like :) hope it'll be a track on a new album here at Jamendo whenever I get to that point.)