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    • royblumenthal avatar

      I love this stuff. Thank you very much for allowing it to be distributed in this way. And, like other people who've commented... I reckon 'Punk-o-Tronika' kicks some serious butt. I'm just letting you know that I used 'Punk-o-Tronica' in a viddie I made about The Characteristics of Adult Children of Abuse. It's free on YouTube, under the same Creative Commons license you use. Thanks again! Blue skies love Roy

    • loucour avatar

      voix et arrangement furiueusement newwawe mais emballe dans une energie postrock (ou inversement). tres interessant, tres beau son

    • thirdender avatar

      Punk-o-tronika is my favorite... absolutely awesome! The beat had my foot tapping in under ten seconds. Incasinated, Hip-Hop Resistenza, and Reg-o-matica were also instant favs. I'm having trouble placing the sound in any one genre. The bands that sound closest would be Chemical Brothers, Crazy Town, and Quarashi. I felt that certain songs (especially Japanese) abused the crystal/atmosphere effects. However, overall the album is awesome.