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Instrumental Hip-Hop Vol. 1

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    • zinja avatar
      @ wrote

      hey i really enjoyed your beats very much. what can i do to flow some of your beats becoz am looking forward to working with you so can u pliz hit me at ""

    • photella avatar

      Like the beats and no lyrics. Nice, smooth - just what I was looking for

    • hohnster avatar

      The beats are clean. I like how they don't sound alike. Number four on here just makes me think I'm playing a video game.

    • 5castor7 avatar

      hello, I love this music and I will use this in a vidéo movie. I need the adress and e-mail and phone to ask at jeff syndicate if I can do it and show im the movie and now the conditions. Please answer at: thank

    • ganchito avatar

      Track two is my favorite. I laid down some lyrics to it and I want to use it for my educational program´s website. I want your approval first. Send me an email and let´s talk. You and your friend are really talented. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks