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[Reasonably] Honest Jamendo Music album cover

[Reasonably] Honest

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    • Sonic Mystery avatar

      Very good singing! Thank you for sharing it!

    • Bathvader avatar

      Loved the first song. The second although still good didn't like it as much. But you have real talent. Thanks again for sharing your talent.

    • captainamerica6280 avatar

      I really enjoyed the sound that Ben has expressed. It is fun and lively but most of all it has soul unlike most of todays artist. Great sound.

    • deejoke avatar

      good stuff on off beat groove. good melodic voice on hip hop feel too. the sax line mix jazz feel on breack even. I like it very much. Good time for U man.

    • electrical language avatar

      I have this album, and was pleased to find Ben Hammond on Jamendo. This is good acoustic rock, and if you like these songs you should check Ben Hammond out and get the album. You won't be disappointed.