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      waw. ca faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas pu mettre un morceau en fond et l'oublier. arrangement des sons parfait à mon sens. lecteur de valdinoci en plus... i'm impressed. dans l'impatience de découvrir tes autres albums.

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      like being in a blue cave with good acoustics and cavemen who have become temporarily benevolent and creatively focused through the discovery of music -- cavemen come and go adding to the sounds, sometimes there are only 5 and things become more introspective.. then gradually 20 or 30 cavemen wander back in and it gets weird. somehow there are grandfather clocks in the cave as well that have been smashed open and mined for their sonic possibilities. as the cavemen become more self aware through music the clocks are dragged around listlessly in circles by their springs like corpses as the big questions begin to haunt. things get cacaphonous again but there are always islands of mellow arythmic melody in between.

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      Good acoustics. Fresh

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      A good sounding record, mature and self confident enough.