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Flykkiller EP Jamendo Music album cover
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    • YOURIYOUPI avatar
      7 years ago


    • Mischa avatar
      8 years ago

      i listened to this short Ep with the track Sell my pulse. i was astonished by the combination of story telling and the rhythmic structure. very good track!!well done

    • Illustrial avatar
      8 years ago

      This DEMANDS attention. A cross between Curve and the sultry tones of Alison Goldfapp. Fear is Deliciously menacing. Utterly Brilliant, and I hope to hear more.

    • luckystoned avatar
      9 years ago

      Der David Holmes Mix ist ein absolut rockiger, hypnotischer, treibender Killer-Song.

    • verdict avatar
      10 years ago

      This is nothing short of a brilliant sound, fantastic production and having seen them 'rock a gaff' very much a MUST-SEE live! Finally something on Jamendo to really perk up ones ears to. Will there be more to come of this calibre? One can only hope...