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    • Dj Kio Aka Dari avatar

      EX-CEL-LENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)

    • radionando avatar

      Afortunada decodificación de sonidos obtenidos de un osiloscopio conectado al cerebro de un selecto grupo de pacientes hospitalarios (algunos en estado de coma). Buen trabajo... Saludos desde Chiapas.

    • Ivan1984 avatar

      Crackle is the first track, and yes of course it crackles but it builds a structure that is sufficient to carry the mild tune that wheels its way overhead. Quite a reflective piece and maybe it's like a migraine in music form but I still like it. Then it goes through the necessary selection of random radio noise and distorted rhythms, making it the peak of the track perhaps, but there are snatches of a tune in there somewhere. Towards the end its the throbbing temples part of the migraine, it is actually less drone than I thought it was going to be, there is some nice variations from the main them, which are always good for maintaining interest. Too much drone and you're into the realms of sound therapy, which has its place... Dust is strangely (!) still crackling, but now it's burbling as well, which is promising. Again, the diversity within these tracks is almost exemplary. The apparent randomness of sound, wherein part of larger structures, is where I think experimental electronic music struggles, in part to justify its own integrity as a genre (which I think it does) but also as an accessible artform culturally. Track three is quickly accessible as a musical track with simple synthetic manipulation. And then it throws you into that chaos again, testing your resolve as a listener to the max. But then, this is the frontline in this genre. It has to be challenging for all concerned. Brownnoise starts of like a compromise between the two elements of acceptability and extension and durability. As a track it is low key, essentially noise over a cycle as all noises have, it's just that because of its size we might not see the whole picture. But isn't that perhaps the point of what it might be trying to say. That I don't know and can only conjecture. I liked it because of the pitch and unusual rhythmic structure and strange melodies. And the way it goes crazy at the end. LFCLipNoise has a slow background rhythm, overlain with sound samples that form a twisted melody, a screeching plaintive, painful song of the postmodern world, as it crumbles around us for the sake of money. What have I got, Jamendo is what I've got and hope that all artists, lalo included continue to resist the ordinary and 'acceptable'. It's all one big adventure after all, why not try this way? Give it a listen and then think...