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Possessive Attitude Jamendo Music album cover

Possessive Attitude

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    • Mickie V. avatar

      Great sound!! this band kick so much ass!! keep it coming guys!!

    • carcutometal avatar

      Ur the best!!!Continue like that, kickin' butts.I LOVE IT!!!!IS THE BEST MUSIK IN THE WORLD!!!Longlive Redmind!!!

    • seblinux89 avatar

      Salut un très bon album

    • barbared avatar

      Pour ma part Madness est, je trouve , très réussie...! Bon boulot les gars...! Vous avez votre style... Ca c'est garanti!

    • themadterran avatar

      This one will blow the cobwebs out. For fans of Tool, Mars Volta, general prog/punk/Malmsteen/melts in your brain kind of stuff.