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California Daze Jamendo Music album cover

California Daze

Jim Guittard
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    • zengar avatar
      4 years ago

      Retro but not over-knowingly so. great roots level gut instinct tunes.

    • Banjii avatar
      6 years ago

      I saw your post on the forums mentioning that few people review your work... A suprising statement considering the reviews I see! Well, even though it was an old post I decided to come and check it out. I chose your first album because I believe that while the first may not always be the best it captures the starting point... It's like reading a book, while the first novel may or may not be the best it's where you have to start to understand the progression. I didn't expect to like this album, I thought I'd be handing out a lackluster review since I am not one of these people who enjoys everything on Jamendo. Most of the supposed 'underground' music that rages against the commercial nature of the industry makes no attempt at sounding like anything but the type of music that is made by people involved with the commercial nature of the music industry... But yeah, I wasn't sure what I'd be getting. If it had been a bunch of synths under the guise of indie rock I would've flipped my wig! The first thing I saw was the artwork on the California Daze which frankly, I hate. I'm sorry, I just do. It's nothing personal, it didn't dissuade me or anything.... It's just personal taste. I started the album and let it play while I did other things, but routinely I would stop and listen because I was suprised by the fact that I more or less enjoyed the songs. It is an excellent reimagining of classic/psychedelic rock mixed with folk and country and possibly a hint of surfpop here and there. The production was good without being sterile, the guitars were noisy without being overbearing, you sing really well, you have a sense of pop. So yeah, while this may not reflect my typical listening tastes I do feel it is a worthwhile album that might reflect the merit of the artist as a whole. -Banjii

    • Perduss avatar
      7 years ago

      La nature de sa simplicité instrumental est garante de son image musical. Seul reproche, la qualité de l'enregistrement pour certaines chansons. L'ensemble est magique, envahissant, surprenant… rien d'inutile… le charme délirant s'unie à la vie qui cherche de nouvelles voix… Je me balance et me rassure qu'il y a des gens qui, encore, sont libre dans leurs créativités… Mille couleurs, mille rêves… Je suis envahie par l'instant... Perduss

    • Ramzes XIII avatar
      7 years ago

      Whole album is very good. I found "Beach (acoustic)" on "Spirits of Summer II" compilation, that's how I found rest of your works :)

    • marcmaffy avatar
      8 years ago

      Great Job!