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Blood On the Horizon EP

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      IMHO It's too monotonous

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      this is freakin' awesome! love it to bits. keep rockin, Sonorant, i look forward 2 any more albums u guys release. all the tracks are the best, the album cover is understated cool and i bet it would sound great live!

    • arnauddelereux avatar

      J'aime vraiment cet album. Il y a une vraie puissance dans les morceaux. La guitare est vraiment maîtrisée et les riffs sont super bien trouvés, c'est vraiment très pro! Le refrain de Crown of Thorns est tout simplement énorme! Dommage qu'il ne compte que 4 titres.

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      I was really impressed when I listened to the album for the first time and it still rocks. It sounds aggressive and raw, just like thrash should be imo. The guitar riffs are really frying your ears! There are just few flaws that keep me from listening to it all day. After listening to the album a few times, every song felt somehow empty. I think its a lack of vocals or missing divergence in a single song in general. What about some more sophisticated guitar solos or a bigger change in a song? (maybe you get the idea by listening to "The Gore" by Scoldt) Still 9/10 because every single song sounds different and is unique, just like the music style that seems to be kinda never heard before and because I like the drums in "Penetrate" so much). Any day that I discover a new "Sonorant" album is a good day. <-- wants to hear more

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      Technically...feel.....mix...Thank you gUys!