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Cheeky Smile Cheeky Grin

William Jones Band
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    • 9 years ago

      This album is truly excellent! That said some of the intros need a little work ( the first few bars of Traveller spring to mind) and the album sounds a bit like it was mastered in someones bedroom, and thats all the bad things you can say about this album, overall the feel ( though no specific parts ) are very reminiscent of All About Eve, though the first track ( Traveller, my personal favorite ) would not be out of place on a Yes album! Excellent guitar work and the lead female singer is a sort of cross between Mary Hopkin, Julie Covington and Sally Oldfield, the best tracks are Traveller, Babes In The Wood and the title track. Once again this is a terrific album ! Download it NOW, put it on repeat, pour a glass of wine, shut your eyes and sink into the music, go on you know you want to! P.S. Lets have some more!!

    • 9 years ago

      Never heard a song like this, but i really like it... it is absolutely strange AND SOOOOOO GOOOD can`t stop listening.. :)