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Our Future Begins Here (EP) Jamendo Music album cover

Our Future Begins Here (EP)

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    • lopvel avatar
      5 years ago


    • CaptainOblivious avatar
      7 years ago

      I stumbled across this while making my nightly jamendo rounds looking for decent tunes. I loved their sound and loaded them on the mp3 player. while driving this album happened to come on. I hadnt said anything but my girlfriend was in the car and she clamored "Turn it up! Who are these guys?" Trust me, they wont disappoint you.

    • Vorkan avatar
      7 years ago

      Me gusta, es del estilo que me va, aunque les falta dar un poco más de caña. Las letras son directas y sin sutilezas pero están bien.

    • mihkay avatar
      7 years ago

      I wish I'd been here when this was released!!! A great inventive rock band! In a genre that has gone through lean times, there are are a few gems shining out in the gloom. This is one of them. Strong, dynamic and beautifully produced. Faultless. F**king Fantastic. PS. Whowever produced this. Call me!! I need your sevices!! GENIUS.

    • Amongst Vultures avatar
      8 years ago

      Good old grunge times, where have they gone... right here!