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      Although this album is three years old, it's still intriguing and definitely worth checking out. It opens with the 16 (!) minute long track, Gender Hacking. If you love progressive rock, you can tell from the onset that this one will be a real treat. You don't get any vocals until about the 5 minute mark and leading up to that is a beautiful mix of bass, synth, guitars and moody beats. Vocal work is similar to Maynard James Keenan which already wins props in my book. Even though this one is a bit long, it definitely sets the stage really well for the entire album. Other songs that are worth checking out include La Puerta, which mixes a lovely Latin vibe to the cut. It's also sung in Spanish, which adds to the psychedelic rock feel of the song. Meanwhile, Pi, is also another awesome cut. It runs for about 11 minutes and true to form for Nude; the song mixes instrumentals with subdued vocal work. Although there's a danger from the group sounding as if they are trying too hard to achieve a Tool or Muse-like sound; there are several tracks in the record that will certainly make true blue "progists" smile. by Valerie from

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      là une claque bravo c pro Ample et envoûtant Du rock que j'adore

    • guta.jasna avatar

      it's bit of tool, bit of muze, but in the end it's original sound with original voice... simply great missing piece of music :)

    • gagalucha avatar

      nieczęsto się zdarza, że zespół aspirujący do grania muzyki tzw. ambitnej, rzeczywiście ją tworzy,a ponadto - odbiorcy nie odbija się ona czkawką . Tutaj jest dużo przemyślanych utworów, doskonale skomponowanych. Warto, naprawdę warto się wsłuchać.

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      Muy buen album, fantasticos ritmos y muy buenas guitarras.