No History Sessions EP Jamendo Music album cover

No History Sessions EP

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    • keikomushi avatar

      This album still holds up nearly a decade after it was first released. **thumbs**

    • GTPhoenix avatar

      There is so much to sort through on Jamendo. When you come across an album of this quality it makes having to listen to alot of music that you really don't want worth the time. Ben Hammond is someone that is destined to be a big star. To get this album for free is awesome. I hope someday I can say, "I knew him when...."

    • mickafrench avatar

      That's really a good job... Avec les compliments de Micka FRENCH...

    • Bathvader avatar

      This is fantastic. You have REAL Talent. Keep up the excellence. And thankyou for sharing your talent.

    • kyuzo avatar
      @ wrote

      very good listen! All you can expect by this album is printed on the cover. A fresh work by a man and his acoustic guitar; with a bit of electronic taste. A good job; go on!