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New Age from Patroux Jamendo Music album cover
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    • silverfox911 avatar

      i have not been a member of jamendo for long but i have become a very big fan of you, you make the world seem worth living in, you relax me and i feel great and at peace with the world, i think that all this type of music should be played more on the radio shopping centres any where people need to chill out, over the last few years i have lost my mother younger brother and this year my father and listening to this music helps me not to forget them but to remember the great times that we had the up's and down's, more up's but enough of my past sadness but you help me come to term's thank you very much i shall play your music for ever. best wishes for the new year to you and your family, take care look after your family.

    • lelahel17 avatar

      Un album fantástico gracias por compartirlo.

    • Antoine P avatar

      Un excellent album !

    • teutonicvalkyrie avatar

      I had to stop and put the HP's on and tweak the sound so i could hear the subtle layers floating through each tune. Very nice touch to the ambiance. merci

    • alimacbil avatar

      me encanta. me transporta, me da paz, etcétera etcétera..