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      Straight into it, synths rolling, hi-hat rhythm, then piano to add to the dramatic atmosphere and, it's called Wandering in Mist (Short Walk). It's a lovely paced and filled track with variations towards the end. It started at the climax! Forbidden Corridor is a stranger track, still about the same pace, with a wavering synth that warbles out the melancholic melody. Again variation at the end, this track climaxing at the end! Myth, straight into the beat and percussion with synth and bass altogether. Another cool track, with some nice flourishes as it progresses, changing pitch for a few seconds. Then, it gets a bit deeper, a bit darker. Nice experimental work. Ghost Tower, the title track, starts with mid paced rhythm and synth layers. Nice spaciousness to the atmosphere, slightly eerie in places but actually a nice electronic track full stop. It takes a break in the middle and then begins its' warm down. Black Flower starts assertively, again not too dark, just a hint to start with. The synth slides around like it was on musical ice, but gains its' balance well. Moving Landscape is like listening to this moving soundscape. Again, everything is there straight away and that just leaves there some room for experimenting a bit. Good, non-traditional construction in some tracks, with lovely explorations of noises and sounds within the tracks own various developing structures. Wet Snow next. I hate wet snow. Sets out with synth layers and a hint of percussion and beat. Very slow, but then wet snow is very slow. Almost captures the essence of slush itself! Ghastly Fish to follow: synth first, rhythm there with it, the melody is difficult to follow unless you relax. Then, it drops deeper and for the first time a sinister, darker element emerges. Still quite chilled out though. The synthetic voice at the start of Ice Breaker, conducts the synthetic orchestra, through ever increasing spirals of noise. Nice and slow, crushing its' way through your brain's sound channels. Leaving us with Wandering in Mist (Long Walk), slow paced, as such a walk should be. Those lovely tendrils of shrouded sound curling around everything that moves in your soul as you wander aimlessly, peacefully and happily through the fog of life. Nice album, though I have to say it wasn't dark at all really, quite uplifting in places, and as an electronic instrumental fan to another, and there's bound to be one or two, well recommended. Nice one!-)